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What Dial QM Provides

Dial QM adding Value .............By offering expertise

Dial QM provides by interim management, contract assignment or periodic mentoring business services to the manufacturing, service or charity sector organisations. Often at a time when they are either facing significant change or have insufficient resources to undertake the step change needed, we can offer immediate assistance.

 Dial QM areas of expertise are in:

  • Strategic management of organisations undergoing significant change or uncertainty at an MD or senior operations level.
  • Manufacturing MRP systems implementation & improvement.
  • Process & product improvement by value engineering, new product development and lean 6 Sigma introduction.
  • A production step change in output (or contraction) by outsourcing or in-house adoption of lean manufacturing methods.
  • Implementation, for UKAS ISO accreditation, in Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety and Business Continuity planning.
Dial QM offer expertise

Dial QM succeed by adding value to your bottom line.