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Welcome to Dial QM - adding Value to your business.............

Need to change your business but not sure what actions to take?

Need experienced implementation but short of the management resource or skills?

Need to act quickly but not sure where to start ?

If this sounds familiar ….

Then call Dial QM, who specialise in mentoring and advising businesses by offering a quality management resource, either by interim or consultancy assignment.

 Dial QM have the skills, experience & knowledge to:

  • Quickly fill absent, or missing managerial skills at MD, operational or managerial mentor level.
  • Outsource missing skills and provide immediate solutions.
  • Systematically review the 4 Ps’ of Product, Process, People & market Place.
  • Bring stability & clear vision to a complex situation.
  • Manage people affected by change, sensitively & selectively.
  • Provide structure & improvement to MRP/ERP information systems.
  • Provide consultancy support & implementation of various accreditation systems.



Dial QM add value to your business

Dial QM are experienced in adding value in many business sectors.