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Accreditation Systems - Adding value by offering expertise

Dial QM can provide by contract assignment, periodic mentoring or by independent audit, implementation of the following standards of conformance in:

  • ISO 9001:2008                   Quality Management
    • Is the principal internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems and can be implemented in any type of business.
    • This current version places more emphasis on customer feedback and the processes of management leading to the sometimes elusive ‘preferred supplier’ status.
  • ISO 14001:2004                Environmental Management Systems
    • Is the internationally recognised standard for an organisation’s Environmental Management System and is the benchmark of compliance.
    • Provides the organisation a flexible framework for managing and continually improving their environmental activities and ‘Green Credentials’.
  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007    Occupational Health & Safety
    • Is the company’s commitment to its efficient and responsible management of potentially very costly work-related ill-health, injury and incidents.
    • Accreditation will enable you to prove that your business conforms to legislation, employees are safety conscious and provides a positive message to new clients & external stakeholders.
  • ISO 25999: 2007               Business Continuity Management
    • Is the internationally recognised standard setting out the requirements for a disaster recovery system, which is vital to your business continuing success.
    • Certification will demonstrate to your clients that you take supply continuity seriously and take great steps to deliver your services professionally.

All of these standards can give you a considerable competitive edge over competitors who cannot demonstrate a similar professional attitude.

Dial QM offer accreditation skills

Dial QM can provide assistance in gaining accreditation and future success.